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WTF is an Astro-Script? Basically a tiny little script (or the limit of my scripting abilities) that does something totally random. I've got 1 whole script to my name, and that even didn't work well because of a missing ---> } <--- to end a function. If I ever decide to do anything else like that you can be sure I'll post it here.


This script designed for Tribes 2 allows you to press a keybind and chuck the weapon in your 3rd weapon slot and switch back to the weapon you're currently using. This script is incredibly useful for you blaster tossers out there like me who like to pick up weapons in their 3rd slot. Lots of time you get that retarded plasma gun, or another blaster and you just want to get rid of it for something cooler like a laser or grenade launcher. This script allows you to chuck it without ever switching off your current weapon.
3/10/04 Forgot to upload the updated version of this that switches back to your current weapon as opposed to only your disc launcher. Enjoy~~

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