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These are scripts I use in Tribes 2. You can check out my settings and why I use the scripts that I do. You can then download any of the scripts right here for your betterment on the T2 battlefield.


These are scripts that I just can't operate as effeciently on T2 without. They do a few little things that just make me a better CTF player.

Blaster Throw
Author: Diogenes

This script allows me to get rid of that pesky blaster. Created by DioGenes, this script offers the ability to chuck it on key press in the event you might want your blaster you can choose not to throw it. Throwing your blaster allows for you to pick up a 3rd useful weapon.


Author: Diogenes

This is a nifty little script. This script allows you to press a key and bring up a slide bar IN GAME to adjust your gamma settings. You're playing Katabatic, and suddenly game over and you're looking at the dark ground of Boss. Just press the keybind and adjust the gamma without having to go into the game settings.
-Eventually I'd like to get a version of this that would save the settings per map so that it would automatically adjust for you when you switch maps.


Dropped Timer
Author: Crunchy

This script is great for Light Defense and Capping. It puts a timer down in the objective hud after the flag has been dropped that counts down how long until the flag returns to the stand after sitting in the field. This will allow you to hit the flag stand when the flag returns hopefully catching a few LD still sitting by a fielded flag. Or if you're LD will allow you to watch the flag stand a few seconds before the flag returns to be sure cappers don't try to grab a turn around.


Full Force Grenade
Author: jsut

I don't know about you guys, but the in game binds for full force grenade and full force mine end up with the grenade or mine popping up ontop of my head instead of out infront of me. Not very good when you're trying to Mine Disk someone and you've got a big target sitting on your head. This script does what the ingame one should have done and allows you to throw your grenades/mines at full force (max distance).


Kerb's Mortar Reticle
Author: Kerb

This is acctually a pack of scripts. I honestly can't stand having to use the entire pack just to get at one script that's good. What I use this for is the range finder on the mortar. It adds a 'ladder' underneath of it with values for ranges, so that if you're standing on an equal altitude with a target you'll be able to spam it by lining up the numbers with the target. I've edited this script and removed a few of the bottom rungs that are a little less useful, and completely taken out the range finder for the grenade launcher.

kerbscripts.zip (edited)
kerbT2scripts.zip (un-edited at the depot)

Pilot Mode III
Author: Crunchy (PMI), Barbarian (PMII), UberGuy (PMIII)

I don't do much shriking, and acctually I just installed this script today, but since I have it, and because it is a script worth downloading it is here. Originally PMI adjusted the sensativity of each vehicle in First or Third person. It was edited by Barbarian for the TACII mode for Tribes 2. UberGuy has released the final update which adds a feature to adjust your FoV for each vehicle you're in.


Author: Quing

Just like jsut's waypoints this is a script for mortar spamming. Totally controversial but still incredibly lethal (and legal RawR), this script allows you to set up waypoints in the sky for place to shoot your mortars at so you don't have to memorize specific cloud formations etc. (although shooting at the one that looks like Tinkar Bear might be kinda fun). Qfiremissions goes a step beyond just placing waypoint, it helps you set everything up by having unlimited ammount of beacons to deploy for targeting purposes, uses timing to track your mortars so you can time them with attacks etc. and has a sophisticated vector tracker for precision spam everytime.


Quick Menu
Author: Lou Cypher

Acctually an upgraded chat menu, Lou Cypher has given us then ability to use voice binds and associate them with whatever text we want. This allows for using the voice bind "Incoming Hostiles" with the text "Incoming from the East". It also allows for binding keys to console commands for updating packs or just normal stuff you can bind keys to (or make scripts to bind keys to).


Author: SquirrelOfDeath and Shoddy

Fun little utility. I don't know what version this is honestly. What this little beauty does is allows you to 'record' a route, and then have a bot spawn, follow the route, and then unspawn. The bot uses the same load out you did so you can practice all sorts of things. You can practice chasing down a HO and shock him in the back, you can practice ramming cappers, you can practice BB'ing incoming cappers (although not too well), you can practice sniping, the possibilities are left only to you.


Spawn Fix
Author: Liquid (I THINK**)

I can only guess at the author of this script. It isn't very complicated, but it's basically my FoV script. I don't like to have all those retarded huds on my screen, esp a hud that tells me my FoV... I set it... I know what it was... I don't need to be reminded with a small screen of information that never changes. This script allows for you to keep the FoV you set with the console command (setFoV(val);). This is an edited version, at one point it auto switched to your disc launcher or something... I honestly forget but it was just taking stuff out. It's buggy and occassionally loses the FoV (after going into the CC screen). Just tap your zoom button and it will reset your FoV (or you can use one of those hud FoV scripts, I'd recommend trying UberGuy's).


Author: A lot of people

This basically let's you use all the wonderful scripts in T2. It's designed by all the scripters in T2 to define their functions etc. so that they can make better scripts for you (or for their own fame either way we don't care). If a script isn't working it's probably because you don't have this. Now why didn't I put this at the top of the page? Because I like to see people suffer who don't bother reading =) Just delete the .zip off the end of the file and just drop 'support.vl2' into the base directory.


T2 Demo patch
Author: David somebody

Fine... Don't identify yourself with your own screen name... Just put your REAL name on there and no refference to who you are on T2 so we can yell at you when something goes wrong >:\ Acctually nothing will go wrong with this. This script fixes the bug that freezes demo playback. It will put a shortcut on your desktop in which you should use to boot tribes when you're going to view demos. Definetly required if you want to watch any of the newer demo's.


TKBPractice MOD
Author: Lethal_E

For those of you that still play base, this was a great mod that allowed for you to use beacons to teleport to. So you could warp back to a beginning of a map and practice your ski routes to make sure you had them perfected. Classic has done away with the now obsolete TKB practice mod, and has made a practice mod of it's own with new spiffy features and teleport pads, unfortunately the creators of Practice Mod didn't do support for base, and TKB is the only option. This is the last version of TKB I ever got ahold of. I don't currently have it installed but it was made for patch 24834. I do believe that it works with the current patch... I had this installed for a while. If anyone knows of an updated version of this let me know I'd like to get ahold of it even though this one does work fine.


Author: UberGuy

This script does something... I think allows you to have more favorites. I don't really know. The one thing it does do and the reason I use it (but not the reason it was designed) is that it fixes the bug when using the update keybinds. If you update a pack, and then update a grenade, usually the pack update is lost and only the grenade update is saved so you walk out of the inventory with the wrong pack and right grenade (or vice versa). Get this to fix that... and then check it out for the other features which do something...



Um... yeah jazzer uppers... why not? These are all the scripts and effects that make T2 look more personal. Things that don't really affect your game play but make it pertier to look at.

Colored Icons

This will replace the icons for your weapons with colored icons that make the Tribes 2 interface look all that much cooler. Included in this zip are two files, one that is the colored weapon icons, and another that includes a 'grenade hud' script. The grenade hud script changes the colored icon for your grenade based on the one currently in your load out. So grenades will have a different icon than white outs and so on.


Debrief Chat
Author: UberGuy

This script allows you to type in team chat after a map has finished. Normally you can only type with global, not very good for calling the other teams names etc. after the map, which we all want to do, and just can't get it in among all the WOOHOO'ing of the winning team (which is you right? of course).


Hud Manager
Author: UberGuy

Basically this script allows you to move your huds around into custom positions. For those of you who use "LabRat's HuD mover" this is very similar to that, it just doesn't suck. Included in this is a useful file for moving huds around 'freehuds.vl2' which allows you to seperate the life and energy bars from the compas so you can customize your huds even more. If you don't want to use it just don't install the .vl2.


Mute Fags
Author: Unknown Author

This is mutefags.cs There's no other name for it. It is mute fags. This script mutes players using the 'null string' voice, which allows them to use other sounds other than the default game sounds (like the Team Rabbit 2 sounds). They tend to get quite annoying, so mute em! This will still display the text, but just won't play any sound along with their binds. Enjoy!


SUI Generis
Author: um...

This is the font that's used in T2. It's just a font... it's a nice font, a pretty font, and well... if you wanna use it for a graphic or something, this is it.


Black and White Gui
Author: Not too sure.

This is the gui I use. It's clean it's simple, it's not jazzy, and it still looks like T2. I don't like to go all out with modifications etc. Maybe one day I'll go nuts and get all those things I've been looking at in awe, but for now, it's simple boring me.


Author: UberGuy

This script changes the colors of the chat window making it more appealing to the eye. You can change the colors in the chat window to anything you want. Purple text, red text, green text, orange text whatever combination you can think of. It also allows for a horizontal resizing of the chat window, allowing you to make it as long or as short as you want.


Different IFF Indicators
Author: I dunno

I don't remember who made these. What these files do is change the friend or foe indicator on top of enemy and friendly units. The enemy "IFF" icon is a large red arrow making them stand out a bit more. Very useful when there's lots of them bunched up, these are long and skinny and are a little bit easier to see.


Canadian-'s Weapon Hud
Author: Canadian-

Wel... I upgraded my huds finally. I got bored of the basic colored icons and switched to something a little more jazzy. These look similar to the T1 weapon icons, except they're backwards :o. Make sure you definetly have a Hud Mover for these as it's positioning tends to be all goofy, UberGuy's Hud Manager is a good choice.


Tim Inv/Pack
Author: Da_Timsta

Acctually two stand alone scripts. I felt like packaging them in together as they do go hand in hand with each other. Tim Inv is an upgraded inventory icon. It replaces the games default icons for your grenades, mines, and your health kit and makes a more graphical representation of your current inventory. Tim Pack is a replacement for your pack icon. It adds the same more colorful pack icon to your inventory hud and changes when the pack becomes active. It's really attractive and worth the download.


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