WTF is a Lorf?

-As of today, the question I have been asked the most online is: "WTF is a LORF?" Nobody seems to know the answer to it. So I've created this little section here to show you what some people happen to think a "Lorf" is.

~Things people have mistaken me for~

-This is a list of things people online have acctually called me. Had I been thinking of the time I might've kept a tally to see how often someone called me one of these names.

Astro-Loaf - This has been the most common error in Astro-Lorf recognition. Often being just called 'Loaf' for short people seem to recognize Astro-Loaf as a brand product or something. Maybe I could run down to the grocery store and pick up some bread... some good Astro-Loaf bread. Maybe it's a bad left over from Disney's Futureworld. And people just recognized it with my name. This is found most common Blizzard Entertainment's
  Astro-Lord -

Ph34r Da LORD and MASTA Astro!!!! Astro-Lord has been used almost as often as Astro-Loaf, however it's just not nearly as funny. Although I don't mind the idea of being called a Lord in any respect 'Astro-Lord' just doesn't have the same ring to it as 'Astro-Lorf'. This is most commonly found on Blizzard Entertainment's - more specifically on Diablo 2.

  Astro-Turf - I've acctually had emails sent to me about this one. People have sent me mail after visiting my domain and sent (rather hostile) emails to me asking where the Astro-Turf was. Often time while gaming on various games people will yell at 'Turf' asking him to stop whatever, or praise 'Turf' for doing something exceptionally well. I always ignore it thinking that perhaps someone in the game is named 'Turf' or a variation there of, I soon find myself face to face with a hostile 12 year old wondering why I'm ignoring him.
  Astro-Lube - This is a rather recent addition to my list of names. Started by an english person I now see it get more use. It came up in a discussion about some sort of product called 'Astro-Lube'. I won't get into detail about the product. It's now used by a few people as a greeting when entering a chat room. I'm often welcomed by the phrase: "Hey lube!".
  Shrek - I have no idea. I can't even begin to contemplate the mix up.
  Astro-Lark - Yes. Astro-Birds. Come on. Has it come to a point where typos are so common on the internet that people thing that just maybe I might've made a mistake while typing my screen name that identifies me from the rest of the online populace? Or do they seriously look at my name and see someone who's holding a grudge for not being featured in a hitchcock movie?
  Astro-Dork - True, but not my name. Sorry try again. It's not even vaguly insulting either. Try to think of something better to mess my name up with.
  Astro-Lorn - Character recognition please. Seriously how do you mess up f with n? ok so they've both got a straight line and curve over the top... that still doesn't give you an excuse!
-These next few are part of a running list of names people have sent me.
  Lorf-Bear - To be associated with a naming scheme from an online clan that I am NOT a part of. Also used is Astro-Bear, although I believe someone acctually uses that for a SN.
  Afro-Lorf - >:\ I do NOT have an afro. I have nothing against afro's, it's just that I do not have one. Even after a restless night of sleep my hair looks nothing like an Afro.
  Trout-Lorf - For those of you who haven't used an IRC client called mIRC: One of the features of this client is an 'emote' that is a means for acting out what you typed. One of the pre-programmed emotes is to 'slap a person around a bit with a large trout'. It's often used as a greeting, or as a way to tell someone you hate them (I mean what better way then by smacking someone with fish?). This is a spin off of the Trout slapping feature.
  Avox-Lorf Groupie? I don't know you'll have to ask him. Shortly named Avox-Lorf, Avox is a teammate of mine in an online competitive game (Tribes 2). Groupies are always welcomed to change their name in the fashion Avox has demonstrated. Here are a few examples of acceptible uses of my name format: Tinker-Lorf, Astro-Tink, Astro-Kemp, Virgil-Lorf, Woody-Lorf, Astro-Woody, and finally Tinks-Lame.

~What do YOU think a Lorf is?~

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