September 10th

I'm not dead after all. I've got some time to update the site again. I'm back at school for now, in some really snazzy accomodations. However, I'm on dial up so my gaming is reduced, maybe I'll get some consistant updates going on the page finally :o.

Team Peanuts reformed over the summer and we made a pretty strong (and short lived) run up the 7-man base ladder. We took 4th place and acctually played in a match for the number one spot. We also had a blast scrimmaging many teams on our way there including ONE, dRats, _hacks, and many others. I had a blast coming back to my routes in Tribes 2, and hope that we can do it again when Tribes Vengeance is released, or maybe even sooner. For those of you that don't know Team Peanuts =P= was a tribe that was made up just for fun, eventually the team broke up for various reasons and all the players went their seperate ways. Each player found a new home and honed their skills through it, most through classic, but a few sticking with base. When we got back together we found that we weren't half as bad as we thought we were. We still like to have fun, but this run through we had a more serious edge. Sadly real life owned us all and we had to drop temporarily :(

OK on with the updates. Fixxed some typos in the scripts section of Files, fixxed the missing link to the IFF indicators OOPS! And added 2 new add ons for your T2 GUI. I've added Canadian-'s Weapon hud, and Da_Timsta's Pack/Inventory huds. Check em out in the T2 scripts section, they're real nice additions to anyones Tribes 2 Interface.

Surprisingly with a lack of updates, there has been a lack of WTF?'s added to my page... Well news buds! I'm back so send in your interpretations of WTF a Lorf is to, or as we all try to figure out the mystery together.

With some luck there will be some more updates to come soon!

April 4th

Small update. I've set the files section up finally. Navigation and the Scripts section is now online. More to come when I get some time. For now you can make sure your Tribes 2 interface is as leat as mine, with links to all the scripts that I use, and screen shots of the more graphical ones. Enjoy!

March 24th

Randomness... Just needed to put another date on here. School has kept me busier than I previously thought, but I'll be back at an update soon. For now why don't you enjoy a free cup holder on me -- Free Cup Holder!!

February 8th

I KNOW!!! it's not the 8th!!! I didn't expect people to be here!~~~

-I'm back. School has killed my internet connection so my gaming time has been cut. I'm left with some spare time to screw around with this site. Almost a year has it been just sitting because I've had no time to do jack with it.

-So here I am... Still no topic to write about but I've got a fresh new layout to screw around with. I'll continue on this until I get bored.

-Give me a while to get the new pages up I'm just testing everything right now and for some reason I adopted frames... which normally I hate I just couldn't think of any other way to do what I wanted to do with the look of the site so there they are >:\ If you don't like em... well I still won't care.

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